Texting a Colombian girl

How to text a Colombian girl

You have managed to edge out your competitors by getting the phone number of a gorgeous Colombian woman. Undoubtedly, the platform is set for you to take the relationship to the next level. You are dying to text her and fixing a date soon. Sounds easy, right? But, here comes the bad news. All the beautiful women of Colombia speak Spanish. Chances are, you being from another country, the language barrier will come into play.

Hey, there is nothing to despair. Also, there is no need for a mad scramble searching for Spanish teaching institutions. Thankfully technological advances can be a boon for you. Here is how you need to proceed.

Bridging the language gap

Surely, you must have heard about the Google Translate app. This app can be your benefactor when you intend texting the woman you found from the Colombian women dating website. It will help you translate your local language to Spanish. Additionally, you can also brush up your Spanish skills. Whether or not you use Whatsapp, does not matter, you should download this app, as it is the key in the field of Colombian women dating.

Points to remember while messaging

That people worldwide prefer to date Colombian women puts you in a stiff competition. If you become complacent, because you got her number, you will head nowhere. You have not even won half the battle. Hence, the words you put in your text messages can determine whether Cupid will strike your dream Colombian girl. She will start to believe you are the most important person in her life.

So, make sure the messages are short and meaningful. For instance, you can begin by asking questions to read her mind. Based on her replies, you can start building your castle to win her confidence.

Do not forget the etiquettes

Of course, looking at these beautiful women of Colombia, it is hard to resist the temptation of not going for a one night stand. At the same time, few will prefer making them their bride. Regardless of your intentions, keep the texts straight and straightforward. As already mentioned, when you include a question, it will persuade her to respond.

Resist the urge to reply soon

When you get her reply, the feeling that you are over the moon is bound to set in. However, wait for some time before sending your response. Do not let her assume you are desperate to meet her. The rule is you can understand, applies for text messages (SMS), and not chatting on social media.

Buy some time

Finally, if she agrees to go out with you on a date, your excitement is understandable. But, it will be great if you illustrate persistence. Tell her you are free after a couple of days. For the

time being, you are busy with other important things. In the meantime, you get some valuable time to prepare.

You already have her number. With the tips mentioned above, you have a good chance of setting up a meeting with the women of your desire. Now, you can be confident that you have won half the battle. We wish you all the best on your endeavors with the Colombian women.