9 best Tips on How to Date a Colombian Woman

9 Best Tips to Date a Colombian Woman

1. Be Sure about a good Hygiene

Colombian woman is very much into Hygiene and good dressing. So make sure to take a shower, shave yourself, and to wear a neat dress and good shoes if you want to impress a Colombian woman. Given that the beautiful women of Colombia are gorgeous, they prefer well-dressed men. No need to go for a crash course to redefine your style. Dress in the formals, and that should be enough. 

2. Be a Good Listener and know her beforehand

Before the date, try your best to know as much as possible about her tastes and hobbies. So on the date, you can take her to Wine testing if she likes wine, or give her the chocolate if she loves chocolates and so on. By doing this, you will impress her a lot and would probably get a second date. Do not get complacent because you succeeded in getting close to a Colombia beauty online. Be polite and respect her privacy. 

3. Learn some Dance Steps

Colombian women love dancing and usually rock the dance floor. So if you aren’t already a good dancer, learn some steps and give in your best on the dance floor when you are with her. It can be any dance form. The bottom line is if you can groove to any music, you stand an excellent chance to win the hearts of these gorgeous women. You will feel your Colombian women dating expedition is on the right track. 

4. Show some Chivalry and Respect

Online dating sites get an overwhelming number of members who intend to date Colombian women. But, success would highly depend on your behavior. Colombian women love men who give them attention and respect. So be respectful of her and the surrounding people, open the gate of the car for her, or in the cafe, let her sit first and then take your seat. These small gestures will go a long way in getting the woman to like you.

5. Don’t talk bad jokes about Pablo Escobar and drugs.

Though Colombia has been associated with stuff like Pablo Escobar, drugs, or violence but Colombian women don’t like it if a foreigner makes terrible jokes about them. So steer clear of such topics. The country is sparing no effort to bury its ugly past, and cracking such jokes would be similar to adding insult to injury. 

6. Pay the bill

Colombian women still prefer the old way where the man takes the lead and pays the bill. So make sure to pay the bills by yourself. This is a way to show to her that you are interested in her.

7. Everyone in her family is massively important

Family members are an integral part of every Colombians. Keep in mind, we are referring to both the immediate and extended family. They will always be there in her stories, so be prepared. Do not get surprised if she asks you to meet her family members, and you are welcomed by a fleet of more than two dozen people. That is the way it is in Colombia.

8. Learn Spanish

Spanish!! Yes, you read it correctly. If you are serious about Colombian women dating and want to take the relationship to the next level, then start learning Spanish. Well, even if your Colombian dream woman is fluent in English, chances are her family will not do so. You already know the importance of family members in her life. So, better, have a good grasp of this language as soon as possible.

9. Colombian women prefer financially stable men

The beautiful women of Colombia prefer men with a level of financial stability. Again, this does not mean you have to be a business tycoon. As mentioned in the earlier point, you should be capable of paying the bills or of doing whatever it takes to take good care of her. 

Colombian women make excellent brides. So, you have every reason to date a Colombian woman and expect to have the best time of your life.