Colombian dating culture

Colombian dating culture – Dating customs in Colombia

If you plan to visit Colombia or looking to date a Colombian man or woman, you must first know the culture of Colombia. If you have an idea about the Colombian dating culture, then it would give you a real advantage over others when finding your Colombian date.

6 Vital Tips about Colombian Dating Culture

1. Family is Important

 If you are looking for a long term relationship with a Colombian man, you must impress your would be Mother-in Law first as Men Respect their Moms and don’t be surprised if they get you to meet their mother in the 1st or 2nd date itself.

The same principle is also applicable when you are eyeing a Colombian woman. You will do better if you bond well with her family. You have an advantage as a foreigner, as Colombian families are known to have a soft corner for foreigners. The rest will depend on you to try and implement specific things to win the heart of the woman’s family. 

2. A Good Girl is never easy to date

In Colombian Cuolture, it is expected that  a presuambly “good girl”is supposed to avoid sleeping with a man unless has known him for a minimum of 2-3 months. 

It should not take you long to understand if a Colombian woman has started liking you. They will stare at you in a shy manner. If you realize, Cupid has struck, make the first move. In Colombia, women usually do not make the first move. Grab the opportunity and introduce yourself to your lady love. 

3. Understand the different Types in Colombian Culture

There are the Machista and there are the mafiosos, narcos, carteleros & others. People from these different Comlombian backgrounds have different outllok and attitude towards dating so its always better to understand these different clan of people in the Colombian Culture.

4. Perform a background check

Do not make the mistake of treating every Colombian men and women equally. Perform a background check to make sure if they have visited foreign countries. Such families are somewhat different from conventional Colombian families and tend to be more liberal. 

5. Understand the different hand gestures

 Colombians are known for using hand gestures for everything; you should observe them as you spend more time with the local people or with the person you are spending time. Later, you can also use the same hand gestures, and it will go very well with your Colombian counterpart. 

6. The Colombian greeting style and things to do when you are invited

When you first meet with a Colombian woman, she will greet you by kissing on the cheeks. Men, on the other hand, are happier giving handshakes or verbal greetings.

Here is an important aspect. Quite contrary to the traditions followed in the foreign countries, if the Colombian host invites you for a treat, never take the initiative of paying the bill. In Colombia, the hosts pay the bills.

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