Marrying Colombian Woman

Top 5 Tips for marrying a Colombian Woman

1. Do not make hasty decisions in marrying the Colombian woman

The basic rule is the same; you must spend time with your intended partner before thinking about marriage. Spend as much time you can with her, and you can even take her on holiday to other countries. For instance, Mexico would be an excellent choice for visiting, as it does not require a visa. 

You will find some Colombian women are in haste to tie the knot with you. But, you should exercise caution and not get carried away by your feelings. The same is also applicable as they may also be desperate to marry at the shortest possible time. Various reasons contribute to their hastiness. 

They may have recently come out of a relationship, or have been divorced. Still, whatever may be the circumstances, a quick decision is highly undesirable. 

There is another reason for which we keep reiterating on waiting before marrying. As foreigners, most people have a soft corner for Colombian women. Often, it is love at first sight for them, and they become too anxious to marry the woman of their dreams. The trust can prove costly, as some Colombian women can fake themselves excellently.

2. Know the Colombian woman you are dating properly

Being a foreigner, you have no clue about the whereabouts of the Colombian woman you are dealing with. You can refer to some of the Colombian men for their priceless advice. Distinguishing between a good and not so good Colombian woman is never easy for a foreigner.

Would you consider entering into a relationship with a woman with who even the local men would not like to mingle? So, it is necessary to take some time in knowing your dream woman. 

The Good, Bad, and Ugly side of women are evident in every part of the world, and Colombian women are no different. With the right approach, you will end up marrying the right woman. Patience will yield rich dividends. You will surely meet a woman who really cares for you and prefers a long term relationship.

Beware of those Colombian women who are only after your money. For sure, they will never be eager to involve in a severe and long term relationship.  

3. Do not live in a world of Utopia

Unfortunately, life is not a bed of roses, nor is it a fairy tale. You would be mistaken if you think; it would be a walk in the park by visiting Colombia with the aid of an introduction service and marry her instantly; this is not happening. 

Of course, when you are in Colombia, you can find your lady love soon, but she will never accept your proposal of marrying you in a short time.

You ought to go through some formalities, like making an appointment with a Colombian notary. The procedure alone will take more than a couple of months, additionally; you must carry all your legal documents. We will elaborate on it in the following section.

4. Have all the necessary documents

Remember, you being the foreigner, the notary will require supplementary documents from you. The same documents are also required to be produced for your lady too. You also need submitting a sworn-affidavit. 

The affidavit will contain the declaration, that you are a bachelor. If you are unable to produce even one document that is mandatory, the notary will not proceed with the marriage formalities.

In case, you are a divorcee; then also you will have to produce the necessary documents proving your present status. 

5. Hiring an official interpreter for the wedding if you do not understand Spanish

Surely, you had no idea about this point. You must be able to convince the notary that you are fluent in Spanish. As a foreigner, it is entirely possible the language is alien for you. In that case, you should hire an official interpreter during the wedding ceremony. Of course, do not forget the required two month period for the legal formalities to get over. Without an interpreter, the notary will never agree in performing the wedding.


If you desire to marry a Colombian woman, these are a few things which you need to consider. Hope these tips should help you in your endeavor.